The project

A duo exploring ground-breaking of new works for contemporary clog dance and live electronics, created in collaboration by Sarah Jeffery and Felipe Ignacio Noriega. Evolved from their roots in traditional English folk culture, the clogs not only become a percussive instrument, but a means for creating music-theatre and movement. Coupled with innovative wireless technology hidden on the performer's bodies, the electronics fully integrate with movement.

In the quest for a new means of music-theatre expression, they have turned to their cultural roots as an inspiration as well as offering social commentary. By challenging the boundaries of existing art-forms, and questioning what it means to be a composer, a musician or a dancer, they work together to produce innovative music-theatre works that, rather than fitting an existing mould, set a precedent for the future.

Our 2014 programme proposal can be viewed here.




The Mill Song (2012)

Inspired by the origins of clog dance in the industrial revolution as well as London's Grime rap scene, this music-theatre work tells of a girl working in a mill, hypnotically moving from states of frustration to escapism to a battle confrontation. The percussive clogs are translated into resonating harmonies through wireless electronics hidden on the body. These are manipulated to amazing effect by using the hands, face and mouth as a filter: body and sound are one integrated entity.




Bo is Burning (2013)

Bo is Burning is an absurd cabaret exploring (gender) identity through the character of Bo. The programme moves on to the later popularity of clog dance in the Victorian music halls, where women would scandalise the middle class audiences by illicitly performing dressed as men. Combining turn-of-the-century Surrealism with both lilting folk songs and contemporary technology, Bo is Burning presented its world premiere to great acclaim at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2013 and was broadcast on Radio 3, as well as touring old mills and factories of the midlands.


 The Bo is Burning behind-the-scenes project blog can be viewed here!



FolkClash (2013)

FolkClash is an exploration of homemade technology, traditional clog dance, and improvisation. With a working budget of €0, Felipe used salvaged materials (wire, foil, tape) and free software to create sensors that allow Sarah to randomly skip between music samples whilst dancing. Both performers have equal control over the electronics, resulting in a battle of improvisation between computer and clogs!



De Klankstoomboot (2014)

 De Klankstoomboot (The Sound Steamship) is a music-theatre production for ages 6+. Commisioned for the Atlas festival 2014, Bo is Burning worked with the Atlas Ensemble, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ and Stichting Huygens-Fokker to produce and perform this work.

Telling the story of two space explorers from the planet Klanktonia, the audience join our travellers on a journey over the globe as they search for the right music to power their sound-driven steamship. Along the way, they meet talented musicians from China, Azerbaijan and Iran, and deal with everything from microtonal organs to robots run wild!

Felipe Ignacio Noriega and Sarah jeffery: concept · Sarah Jeffery and Felix Schellekens: narrators · Ingrid Askvik: director · Felipe Ignacio Noriega: robot · Koen Stegers: scenography · Melle Weijters · microtonal organ support · with musicians from the Atlas Ensemble  



The Call (2014)  - a collaboration with DTMF Signalling

 The Call surrealist murder mystery exploring the depth of personal contact, loneliness, communication, and the 'noise' in our communications. This 'non-story' is an exploration of a state through movement and sound, with all the electronics communicated through an orchestra of rotary telephones. Inspired by David Lynch, Cindy Sherman and Guy Bourdin.

The Call  is the development of the shorter music-theatre work DTMF, produced in collaboration with the Nieuw Ensemble for the event 'An Evening of Today'.

Composition and live electronics: Felipe Iganacio Noriga · Actress and sceneography: Cinthya Overvides · Performers: Cinthya Oyervides, Sarah Jeffery, Matthias Sigurrdson, Sandra Pujols, Susan Hoogbergen ·  Lighting: Vinny Jones · Production: Albert Manders